Bid Packet PDF

If you are interested in submitting bids for a flooring project for Trinity Group Homes, a program of St. Vincent de Paul of North Idaho, please complete the following packet and return it by June 26, 2018. to

Please note the following when completing your bid:

  1. Hourly wage rates that contractors are willing to pay their employees in all positions are required to be included specifically in the bid.
  2. ‘Soft floor layer’ is not listed on this wage determination sheet; therefor, the winning bid for soft floor layer wage will need final approval by the Department of Labor. This step will be conducted by staff of Trinity Group Homes and not by applicants.
  3. For wage guidelines, the wage rate requires up to $11.86 with $1.10 in fringe benefits per hour, with a minimum of $7.25 per hour with no fringe. Applicants are welcome to pay more, but not less, than these guidelines. Final approval of wages will come from the Department of Labor.
  4. Please scan completed documents and email to
  5. Bidders will be individually contacted individually following the close of the bidding submittal period.

 Please be advised to use email for any questions you may have as well.